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(your sugarista)

Rebecca’s passion for health and wellness, organic living and her kind and personable nature have all contributed to her success as an esthetician.


Having initially pursued a career in biology, esthetics was a second career choice for Rebecca. Her desire to own her own business, her own personal skin struggles and her desire to help others was what first attracted her to a career in esthetics.  It was clear from the start that there were many facets of the field that she was well suited for.  While attending esthetician school she was introduced to the ancient art of body sugaring. She was hooked from the first flick and knew she wanted to specialize in the method and open a studio of her own. She opened her first studio spa in 2012 in Friday Harbor, WA . In 2017 she relocated to Bozeman, MT and opened Sugar Bare Studio.


Along with sugaring Rebecca is passionate about skin care and natural beauty alternatives.  She loves helping people tackle their unique skin conditions and concerns.  Rebecca is also a free lance makeup artist and designs jewelry on the side. 


Outside of her professional life you can find Rebecca playing outside and spending time with her husband Cole and their dog Mochi in the beautiful mountains of Montana. 

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