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Are you a licensed esthetician interested in learning how to sugar?


Good choice! Not only can sugaring expand and diversify your skin care business, it can set you apart from the rest of the field.  Best yet, your clients will LOVE you for it because sugaring is a more gentle and effective way to remove hair.


Certified sugarists are in demand! Both hair removal and natural skincare are booming industries.  Sugaring taps into all client markets - eco conscious, ingredient conscious, sensitive skin, wax aversive, teen, men and ALL women, ALL hair types.


hand holding sugar paste
An Ancient Art


Commitment, dedication and practice are required to learn and hone the sugaring technique. It’s not something that can be learned and mastered over one weekend.   Don’t let that dissuade you!  With my guidance you will be well on your way to becoming an amazing sugarista!



A Bit About Rebecca


I have over 8 years of experience sugaring people and running my own sugaring business.  I am a certified trainer for Tamara’s Professional Sugar and train people in Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado.  The reason I chose Tamara’s Professional Sugar is because they are an all-around AMAZING company.  Not only do they produce top notch pro products but their customer support is unparalleled   All of my students will go through Tamara’s in-depth online theory class prior to the hands-on training.  This makes it so that the actual course is mostly working on models, learning the technique.  Once you complete your sugaring training you are fully certified.  I am dedicated to supporting all my students before, during and after the training and want each and every one of them become successful in sugaring.

Tamara's Organic Hair Removal Sugar Paste


Two-Day Intro to Sugaring Certification Course

This class will cover all the basics of sugaring all areas of the body including legs, arms, underarms, brows, face and bikini.

A two-day course is recommended, however it can also be taught as a one-day intensive (8 hour) course as well. Demo and practice with Brazilians is included. (This course can also be done as a one-day intensive if preferred although the two-day is recommended). 


Group Rate - $550/person (class size of 2-3)

Individual Rate - $775

A woma waxing a leg
a woman in a bikini bottom

One-Day Advanced Brows and Brazilians Certification Course

This one-day class focuses on eyebrows and Brazilians and

overall troubleshooting. Brows and Brazilians are typically the most challenging areas to master as well as the most demanded. I highly recommend returning for the advanced certification after you have had a month or two of practicing sugaring. This course will help you refine your skills and can be customized to work on the areas you want more practice and expertise in.  


Group Rate $300 (class size of 2-3)

Private $400

Additional costs


Travel costs, (if I come to you, includes transportation and lodging). 


Students are required to register with Tamara’s Sugar and will need to purchase a kit.
A course deposit is required. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.




Two-Day Intro to Sugaring - March 30, 31st.

One-Day Advanced Brows and Brazilians Course - Early May

Inquire about private 1-day certifications.

Want more info? Ready to book your training?

Email me:

Call me: 406-219-1339

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